Why Isn’t My PEMF Device Helping Me Yet?

PEMF Device

As I talk to people, who purchase magnetic field systems, I frequently get asked: “when will I likely see a result?” The other question is “why is the device not helping?”

PEMFs, of the kind I usually recommend, typically penetrate all the way through the body without being used up by the body. However, like a light, the intensity of the light is the strongest rate next of the light and decreases as you move away from the light.

If this is the case, then it will likely take more time for benefits to be achieved and patience will be required.

Many people get tremendous results quickly and are euphoric with their PEMF system even in the first week or so of use. For some people, the results don’t happen quickly. This is where we can fine tune the treatment program to achieve better results.For example, a fracture will need 8 to 12 weeks to be strong enough for the bone to be able to be used.

PEMFs do not drag the body into being painless or euphoric. I call that “numbing and dumbing.” Sometimes drugs are necessary during the therapy process. One of the goals of PEMFs is to be able to reduce the use of drugs if one can and accomplish less pain and improved function.

PEMFs work deep in the tissues to stimulate natural healing processes that have gotten stuck. It is the healing of the tissues that creates a reduction in pain, and improvement of function and health. This is ultimately the best solution and produces the most sustainable, least likely to regress, results.

So, what are some of the ways to improve results?

1. Setting expectations

Having proper expectation is really important. If one is depressed or very miserable in one’s life, small improvements in a problem may seem inadequate to improve the overall quality of one’s life. I see this particularly in the elderly who have so many health issues, among others, that it is hard for them to appreciate the benefits they may be getting.

When expectations are too high we are unfortunately often very likely to seek magic bullets, including surgery, expecting dramatic benefits. Rarely, miraculous things happen quickly, but this is not the norm. Still, PEMF therapies are a better solution than exposing the body to risky procedures or potentially toxic drugs/medications. PEMF therapies or a more natural solution, most of the time.

2. Acknowledging the level of tissue damage/dysfunction

This is a critical piece to understanding how long it is likely to take for benefits to be seen in treating specific problems.

Energetic level

The analogy I use is that of a common cold. When a cold is the first beginning, many people feel a vague sense of disease, or discomfort, without any specific sense of where or what the problem is. This is at the energetic level.

Physiologic level

Once a cold begins to produce a sore throat, a slight temperature, a runny nose, sneezing, etc., the infection has moved to the physiologic level.

Pathophysiologic level

If the infection continues in the body and progresses, it may begin to produce bronchitis, rhinitis, a significant cough, mental fogginess, with a green or yellow sputum, etc.

Pathologic level

With significant cellular or organ damage, this level is considered pathologic. A substantial amount of tissue death can occur before an organ, or the body as a whole will fail. At a minimum, some cells have died. At the extreme, there is either complete or partial organ failure or death of the person.