The Bemer Mat: A Revolution in Pain Management

Bemer Mat

It is a well-known fact that blood is the body’s system of transportation. All things that are important and vital to our survival flow through the blood. All nutrients, hormones, oxygen and countless other essential things are all carried around our body by way of the blood. We depend on the proper flow of blood throughout our body in order to achieve a high level of performance and productivity. There are many levels of circulation that are important to vitality.

One of the most important and overlooked is microcirculation, which essentially means movement of the blood in the smallest vessels. We need our blood to flow to all corners of the body, so to speak, and we have millions of very small vessels all over our body, all which need food. The better we can adjust this flow, the better we can expect our body to perform. So, in a way, microcirculation is a very important part of blood movement. Without it, there is no assurance that every single cell will be given enough oxygen and other things they need.
What can we do to increase this process in order to help our bodies carry out all functions properly and successfully? Let’s consider something that many people have reported has amazing results. It’s known as Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy, and it is a therapeutic method that focuses on improving the flow of even the tiniest blood vessels and capillaries by sending stimulating signals to each one of them. The Bemer mat is a pad that you lie on which sends signals through your body and delivers them to where they are needed most. It’s a form of a bio-electro-magnetic energy regulator, which means that transmits the magnetic amazingness through your whole body. The mat is connected to a B.Box, which sends the signals and has various levels. Adjust them to combat different symptoms and different levels of discomfort. Osteoporosis. Arthritis. Skin Issues. Chronic back pain. Recurring migraines. All of these things can be treated by the Bemer mat and, over time, can quite possibly be eliminated from your life. Some people even claim that a Bemer mat can reduce the toxins in your body so much that the aging process seems to slow down and maybe even feel like it’s going in reverse, which is a very appealing thing to many individuals today.
The Bemer mat is not a miracle cure. It won’t take everything away and leave you feeling like a child again. But it can have a dramatic effect on your daily life and make a positive difference in the way you are able to live it.