How Bemer Therapy Changed My Life: Bemer Review

bemer reviews

I had been having severe aches and pains all over my body, especially in my back and joints for close to eight years. The pain was so bad. Walking to go get a glass of water during the night was torture! It was worst immediately after waking up or after lifting anything heavy. I also had fatigue, never ending headaches and always felt weak and dizzy. I visited many hospitals and doctors but none of them could find the cause of my pain.They just prescribed me with pain killers which reduced the pain but not permanently.

After endless visits to all sorts of doctors and many many pills going into my system, a workmate of mine suggested that I should go visit a certain doctor who helped her cousin. When I visited him, he explained to me that the main cause of my body aches was due to an oxygen deficiency in my body. Due to disturbed microcirculation, there was insufficient blood flow in my blood vessels.

So, he suggested I try bemer therapy which is a self healing process that improves blood flow in blood vessels and regulates the amount of oxygen around the body. He promised this would alleviate my pain. I was tired of the pain so, I decided to begin treatment as soon as possible.I did my therapy twice every single day for about eight minutes per session.I continued for a total of five weeks.The pain reduced incredibly. I eventually bought my own kit of the bemer 3000 on eBay and continued with the sessions.

Now, the pain has completely disappeared and nearly three months down the line,I’m starting to forget what a back pain actually feels like. This therapy has changed my life. The quality of my life has improved tremendously. I can finally bend without pain, go get a glass of water comfortably and walk at any pace..even run! I don’t feel exhaustion anymore and my headaches are a thing of the past. I’m so thankful to bemer. The best thing about bemer is that it has no side effects. This kit is definitely worth every penny.

Now, my mom who suffers from arthritis and breathing problems is using it too. It is helping her and her condition is improving so much. I would definitely recommend bemer to anyone having health issues. It is a self healing process with no side effects.You don’t take any pills and your body feels as good as new. It’s heaven sent!