Bemer Therapy

The all new Bemer Therapy is the most effective and most researched physical treatment procedure used in the field of complementary medicine these days. Bemer signal has been specifically developed and modified as per the latest research findings on the biorhythm of primary and local regulatory procedures connected with physical treatment system or microcirculation. The impaired or restricted microcirculation of different organs is simulated in a better way with the use of this therapy. The temporary signal structure and order of electromagnetic field with low density is important in simulating the system of regulating microcirculation effectively.

Bemer Therapy

Physical Vascular Therapy

Bemer is a medical device that has been authorized officially. The main core of the Bemer Physical vascular Therapy is a kind of multi-dimensional signal structure which simulated the impaired or restricted microcirculation system in the most effective manner. This is a therapy that supports one of the most important control mechanisms of the body used for regeneration, healing and recovery processes. This therapy can also be used in the most effective manner for the:

•    Improvement of supply to tissues and organs

•    Support in healing sports injuries and wounds

•    Support for the immune system

•    Increase in mental and physical performance

•    Shortening of recovery duration during sports training

Bemer is Helpful in Proper Blood Circulation within the Body

Bemer is a therapy that can be of good help in improving the restricted flow of blood in the minuscule blood vessels. This way, the therapy helps in supporting the regeneration and self-healing procedure of the body. Blood circulation is the supply system for the human body. Around 75% of blood circulation is identified in the minuscule blood vessels or the area where the blood cells offer organs and tissues with oxygen and nutrients. While returning, the blood vessels take waste products with them for the purpose of disposal. With the proper support of these disposal and supply procedures, the cells of the body are able to perform different life-sustaining activities. The cells also help in providing the body with required energy. It is the heart that helps in keeping the blood cells moving throughout the bloodstream.

How does Bemer Therapy Help?

Getting limited sleep, suffering from excessive stress and having an unbalanced regular diet can actually slow down the pumping activity of the minuscule blood vessels. The blood vessels are also affected by the practice of unhealthy habits of living, aging and different diseases. These are conditions that are found to affect a large number of people. These conditions are the main reasons why the blood cells tend to move very slowly and they can even go longer sufficiently fulfilling their tasks. If the organs and tissues are deficient in supply for a very long time, it can result in the complete decline of mental and physical fitness resulting in disease, disorders and pain. Bemer Therapy is quite good at counteracting this entire procedure in a naturally limiting structure. This therapy makes use of electromagnetically transmitted signals for simulating the pumping activity of the blood vessels. This way, the therapy helps in renormalizing the flow of blood in this entire area. Cells of the body are supplied in a better way and they immediately begin with the procedure of carrying out many activities. These activities of the body cells include fighting pain and disease, offering energy for mental and physical performance, healing wounds and re-establishing a sense of health and well-being.

Other Important Advantage of the Therapy

Apart from the above mentioned benefit, Bemer also possesses the ability of providing valuable support for professional and amateur sports. Sports personalities require needs-based flow of blood in the blood vessels enabling shorter cool down and warm up sessions along with faster regeneration. This results in effective workouts for the sports personalities. This type of therapy can also be of good help in repairing micro-injuries within a very short span of time. The therapy also allows serious secondary wounds and injuries to be healed in advance. Thus, it can rightly be said that this type of therapy is overall good for the well-being of the human body.

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